Donna & Delia’s Adoption Story

When Kristi and her two daughters met Donna and Delia for the first time, this bonded pair stole their hearts. Donna shyly wagged her tail while Delia let herself be hugged. They knew Donna and Delia were a perfect fit for their family.

Kristi found Donna and Delia through Core Paws at Save A Sato, a non-profit organization made to ease the suffering of Puerto Rico’s homeless and abused animals. The timid and fearful pair went from Puerto Rico’s streets to a New York shelter where they would wait seven years before finding their forever home.

Donna and Delia are a bonded pair, which means they must be adopted together. Even though Kristi was warned against adopting a bonded pair from both friends and shelter staff, she knew she wanted a bonded pair. Kristi took a chance on Donna and Delia and never looked back.

“This is my first time with a bonded pair, and it’s a wonderful experience,” said Kristi. “Donna and Delia take care of each other. They don’t leave each other’s side… It’s been an amazing experience, I would do it again.”

After Kristi’s son and his dog moved out of the Curran household, there was a void waiting to be filled. Donna and Delia joined the family alongside two cats: one shy, and one senior. Kristi’s family has always adopted less fortunate animals, and have found them to be forever grateful.

“When we adopted them, we filled their toy box and were excited to give them their first of many new things, which was really great. We did a whole shopping spree, gave them a new bed, treats, and toys.”

From the streets of Puerto Rico to Kristi’s home, these two have been through a lot together. Kristi explains, “The unbreakable bond I see in these dogs is like the unbreakable bond my own daughters share.” Delia, the braver of the two, “pushes Donna, who is more fearful out of her comfort zone.” Going from a kennel environment to their first house was a big change. Having never been on carpet or gone up a flight of stairs, Donna and Delia are exploring their new world together.

Today, they are, “very sweet, very lovable, and craving affection.” Donna and Delia love their fenced backyard where they run, “jump around like crazy,” and play together. Delia loves chewing on rubber toys and playing ball while Donna loves a good bone.

Kristi’s loving and understanding home allowed this bonded pair to open up and be the happy, playful dogs they are today. Kristi knew that meeting an animal that’s had a hard life for the first time requires patience. But behind any shyness or fear, Kristi reminds us that, “these animals just want love.”

“You adopt these dogs because you want to provide a home for them they’ve never had before. It’s about giving back and having an open home for these poor dogs that haven’t had one before… I would encourage everyone to adopt a hard to place pet.”

If you’re interested in adopting an animal with behavioral issues, please check out our Adoptable Behavioral Issue(s) Animals page.

Written by Hillary Patin

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