Top 5 Summer Pet Loss Prevention Tips

Summer is officially upon us! Just as you would slather on sunscreen and secure your seat belt to protect yourself, your furry friend needs some help to stay safe, too. Here are our top five pet loss prevention tips for your pet’s favorite time of year:

1. Leashes Save Lives
Jennifer Sparkman, the Foster and Rescue Coordinator for Multnomah County Animal Services (MCAS) in Oregon, recommends keeping fido on a leash at all times, even on the beach. Only allow your dog off-leash in a secured area like a dog park or well-fenced yard.


2. Keep Tags Up-to-Date
Sparkman also recommends keeping visual identification on your animal at all times and the information on those tags up-to-date.

“They should have a tag with a cell phone number of a person who is present with the [animal]. A tag with a home number would not be helpful when on vacation and may create a barrier to reuniting the pet quickly,” says Sparkman.

3. Be Aware
Jay LeVitre, Development & Communications Coordinator for MCAS, reminds us to be aware of our surroundings. Knowing where your animal is, where other animals are, and where vehicles are keep our loved ones safe. This is especially true at the beach, where “sneaker waves” can create instant tragedies. The more eyes, the better!

4. Know Your Animal’s Triggers
Does your pup love to chase seagulls or waves? Does Miss Fluffer enjoy catching birds mid-air or stalking prey away from your RV site? Knowing your animals’ triggers and being aware of when they’re nearby can make the difference between a lazy Sunday and an emergency.

“If your dog is reactive to other dogs, or prey-driven towards seagulls or other beach life, be prepared with a solid grip on the leash and harness,” says LeVitre.

5. Keep Away from Fireworks
Loud, crowded fireworks displays are not a place for pets of any kind. The ASPCA maintains that many animals are frightened and disoriented by the constant noise coming from all directions. Please keep them indoors at home this Independence Day.

If your animal is particularly scared of firework noise due to previous negative experiences, stay home with them. My pup was shot with a BB gun in her previous life and is still petrified by loud bangs of any kind. So, we celebrate the Fourth of July with a little BBQ at home and snuggle up to a summer blockbuster with the dog on the couch. It’s so much fun, you stay cool, and you don’t need a designated driver or taxi!


Special thanks to Jennifer Sparkman and Jay LeVitre from Multnomah County Animal Services for sharing their expert opinion on how to keep our furry loved ones safe this summer.

Written by Aascot Bohlander, Content & Email Marketing Manager of Core Paws

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