Marley’s Special Needs Adoption Story

Marley, the 6-year-old male Labrador/Chow mix, had been available for adoption with the Oregon Coast Humane Society for over a year when Jennifer of Springfield, Oregon’s Elder Health & Living made a fateful Google search. Marley was found on Core Paws through his listing originally posted in December of 2015. With a need for daily medication to lessen the symptoms of a chronic skin condition, finding the perfect family had been difficult for the poor boy. But as it turns out, Marley didn’t just have a heart for a family – he has enough love for an entire elder care facility’s residents and staff.

When Jennifer met Marley, he wasn’t the best listener and didn’t know any commands. Most of his fur was still missing, too, thanks to that pesky skin condition. His attitude quickly changed from defiant to loving after some TLC from Jennifer. Today, he has 75% of his fur back. Marley takes walks off-leash each morning, listens intently to his human’s commands, and loves sitting near the dining room table for scraps each night. Jennifer’s patience, TLC, and attentiveness to his skin condition has helped him become the loving animal he is today.

Marley Special Needs Adoption 2

Jennifer was motivated to chose Marley due to his history, length of stay at the shelter, and the simple fact that “the ones you least expect are usually a perfect fit around [the elder care facility].”

Marley’s only quirk has been his unrelenting obedience to the point that he won’t leave his spot in the house even if he needs to use the doggy door to take himself out. Jennifer says that a regular walking schedule with an early stop in the grass has helped overcome this challenge.

Today, Marley is loved and spoiled. He goes on van rides with the residents of the elder care facility, runs free on the facility grounds, and does errands with Jennifer for tasty treats. He helps with the staff by interacting patiently with the residents and going on slow walks with the residents and staff. He’s very popular and does rounds by the staffer’s side, going into each room and greeting every resident with a smile and a happy wag to start their morning off right.

“Every animal deserves a forever home.”

– Jennifer

If you’re undecided about adopting an animal with a skin condition or other medical concern, Jennifer urges you to take the chance. She says, “Anyone could adopt a puppy; they attract everyone. But the loyal animals who are so appreciative of everything aren’t the young ones or the super cute ones. They all need a chance.”

For those considering adopting an animal as a therapy tool for seniors or people with disabilities, Jennifer encourages you to offer them a place in your home or care facility. With her four years of experience at the elder care facility, she has seen several animals being taken in by those at the facility – every one, she says, has been a great addition to the care facility.

If you’re interested in adopting a special needs animal, please check out our Adoptable Special Needs Animals page.

Written by Aascot Bohlander, Content & Email Marketing Manager of Core Paws


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