Shiva’s Hope House Provides Animal Death Doula & Grief Support Services

Ute Luppertz of Pet’s Point of View and Shiva’s Hope House in SE Portland provides affordable animal death doula services for shelters, group grief counseling, TTouch, animal communication services, and crossing over ceremonies. She provides coaching and consultation services to those who choose to adopt senior animals from shelters and rescues across the country. Ute also offers grief counseling services for local shelter employees that must perform euthanasia.

Ute has worked with shelter animals who are of both advanced age and special needs for years. As a member of the International TTouch Guild and The International Association for Animal Hospice and Palliative Care, she is an accomplished advocate for animal hospice care.

Ute of Shiva's Hope HouseHer support group emphasizes the need to embrace their sadness in order to heal and move forward. “One of the most important pieces here is that people need support to grieve and share about their animals in a community of loving peers and have permission to continue their relationship with their pet after the death of the physical body,” said Ute.

The support group will also hold special ceremonies for pets who have passed. She reflected, “This is quite powerful and healing. [It] and creates a sacred space for pet guardians who might otherwise feel lonely and depressed.”

She personally takes in as many senior and terminally ill animals from local shelters in ‘the eleventh hour’ of their lives to ensure they pass to the other side knowing true love, comfort, and peace. She works with shelters, rescue networks, volunteers, and more every day.

Shiva’s Hope House is named after Ute’s beloved soul dog Shiva who passed away on August 23rd, 2007. Ute believes Shiva was her greatest teacher and lead the way to the amazing work that she is privileged to share with others.

When Ute first met Shiva, he was on the euthanasia list of a local animal shelter: a middle aged, injured, stray pitbull with many scars on his body and soul. He seemed to know that he was on death row. She brought him home that day.

At that point, Luppertz was well versed in holistic animal care via nutrition and natural remedies. But with Shiva, she learned more about the endless possibilities of emotional and spiritual healing in animals. Over their years together, Ute became a TTouch practitioner, a Reiki master, and studied many other modalities. While her initial mission was to rehabilitate Shiva, she recognized an opportunity to help other animals overcome their fears, rebuild physical health, and return to psychological well being just as Shiva did.

When Shiva passed away, Ute vowed to carry on his legacy and continued to work with senior and special needs pets. Over the years she pulled several seniors from shelters to provide hospice care for them. This is when her passion for animal communication came to light. The intuitive work turned out to be a great addendum to all the other modalities she practiced, especially with animals close to and after death.

Ute of Shiva's Hope House 2In 2012, Ute decided to start a hospice and bereavement support group for pet guardians to provide a communal forum for emotional and spiritual support after two of her dogs died within days of each other.

A recent dog in Ute’s life, Charles, was one case that left a major impact on her. Charles was left in the care of relatives when his family moved out of state. The relatives took Charles to the kill shelter that morning. After failing his entrance exams, the shelter deemed him unfit for rehoming and euthanized him. He was at the shelter for just an hour in total. Charles’ and Shiva’s stories are what keeps Ute working in her field.

Ute looks forward to doing more work with shelter animals who require hospice care as the resources come available. Ideally, she would like to build a local network of volunteers who would also take in terminally ill shelter animals and care for them under the umbrella of Shiva’s Hope House.

Ute recommends Vonnie Harris’ article, “Preparing for the End, Dealing with Loss”, for those looking for quick advice from Ute on how to accept the decline and loss of a pet. Our favorite passage from the article:

“Allow yourself to shed the tears of love and find ways to memorialize and celebrate your pet that are wholly personal to you and as unique as the bond you shared.”

– Ute

Ute holds monthly animal grief support meetings in SE Portland, Oregon. For more meeting information, check her Meetup group or Departing Decisions page.

Written by Aascot Bohlander, Content & Email Marketing Manager of Core Paws

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  1. Jason says:

    This is another place for grief support for animals
    I think the more resources pet owners have the better. Keep up the good work x


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