Chili’s Senior Adoption Story

When Sherry first met Chili at the Highland Lakes SPCA in Marble Falls, Texas, Chili was timid toward Sherry and two of her dogs she brought to the shelter to meet their new sibling. This is typical behavior of shelter animals. Chili was surrendered by her previous family due to her owner’s medical issues preventing her from getting the care and attention she needed. But it wasn’t long before this 9-year-old firecracker of a Miniature Pinscher quickly melded right into the pack in her new home.

Sherry first learned of Chili when a Google search for a small senior dog pointed her to Core Paws, where she read Chili’s bio and fell in love with her sweet photos.  Chili’s bio referred her to Highland Lakes SPCA. While the family’s first few days with Chili were filled with hesitation, she found fast friends with her new humans and pack alike. She was playing and getting plenty of lap time before the first week was up.

When we say pack, we mean it! Sherry and her husband own a three acre ranch on a lake, home to a total of eight dogs and three cats. They’ve saved abused dogs from puppy mills, acquaintance’s dogs who were bound for the pound, and more. All five of their little dogs, including Chili, sleep snuggled up on a big bed with their loving humans each night.

Chili (left) with two of her new siblings.

Although there was a short adjustment period of a few days to get over some initial shyness, Sherry is happy to share that Chili has otherwise been a fantastic fit for the family. She said that while Chili is still getting the hang of getting through the doggy door gracefully, the new dog hasn’t had any behavioral issues to work through and hasn’t had any accidents. (Good dog, Chili!)

Chili is doing well with her new pack and family. Sherry shared, “[Chili] has just made a big happy family happier.” Sherry and her husband love to give animals a good home where they can play and enjoy their slice of Texas.

“If you get one [animal], always get two.”

– Sherry

To those who are on the fence about adopting a senior dog, Sherry recommends just going for it. She said that senior dogs are so happy to have a home and to be loved – and it doesn’t hurt that they typically don’t need any training like a new puppy does! She wants to remind everyone considering adopting that these animals don’t know why they were given away and that all they want is to be loved.

If you are considering adopting a senior animal, please check out our Adoptable Senior Animals page.

Written by Aascot Bohlander, Content & Email Marketing Manager of Core Paws

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