Senior Bonded Cats, Lucy, Ricky & Ethel, Find a Forever Home – Together!

Lucy, Ricky & Ethel, seniors and bonded, fell upon hard times.  Sadly, their cat dad passed away and their cat mom had Alzheimer’s Disease and could no longer care for them.  Our wonderful partner, Meow Village, took in these black beauties and the search for a loving home began.

Finding a new home for three bonded senior cats is no easy task. Lucy, Ricky & Ethel were very loving and grateful to be kept together through this transition.

We are so happy to announce that they have hit the adoption jackpot!

13511050_1073413826057224_8950978582641689015_n Jim, his wife, and daughter Sheri adopted these sweet cats into their Portland, Oregon home.  They have renamed them Lucy, Lucky and Lilly.  They have an awesome home for cats–a big cat tree, a perch in front of the living room window and a large catio with lots of nooks and crannies to explore.

The right home is out there for every hard-to-place animal, even those that come in threes.  Visit to learn about adoptable animals near you.


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